DASP – Digital Artist Share Program

What is DASP – Digital Artist Share Programme (BETA)?

This a programme to help budding Ghanaian and Guyanese digital artist creators reach a wider audience through Afreek Radio’s Team project marketing platform.
The team sources content internally and from the public and exposes it on Afreeka Radio’s Network adding Internet exposure and providing a platform to access potenitial advertising revenue sharing.
The more your professional quality content is visible around the world on the Internet, means that …

  1. You will be more likely to be in a position, to make an informed decision on how to take advantage of online monetisation opportunites.
  2. Better choices can be made as to which platform, like Afreeka Radio Network and other organisations, can assist you on your Social Media Marketing journey.
  3. Get the appropriate Anlaytical data to help position you better in Google and “compete one on one” with your competitors no matter their size or the length of time they have been in a particular industry.

Who is it for?

Digital Artistic Creators who wish to monetise their creative arts.

Who can join the programme (BETA)?

Tthe BETA programme is only open to residents of Ghana (West africa) and Guyana (Caribbean).

What are the requirements to join?

  1. You are an individual or VERY small business 🙂 based in Ghana or Guyana.
  2. You must be able to demonstrate that you are pationate about your work and create African/Dispora Folklore content in digital picture form or cartoon animations (2d/3D).
  3. The artist must have content visible on Facebook or Instagram
  4. The artist must have a visible blog or a website.
  5. Pro Plan (Beta) Only – those members must be eligable to pay tax.

These requirements are neccessary so that we can prioritise, validate and indentify true talent that are trully pationate about their work and prevent dissapointment for non qualiffiers.

How much does it cost for Digital Artists?

There is a Free Plan to join for approved digital artists. To apply see below… “How can I apply or find out more about DASP?”

Why did we create the DASP programme?

The Problem: Over the years we analysed why the big guns were still so far ahead of African Digital Artists interms of exposure and monitisation.
The short end of the analysis is this…Our local talent needed a helping hand.
Despite the valiant efforts of a few great African home grown artiststic groups and organisations, we felt that the speed of development and advancement was too slow.
It was clear that a monetisable market place was required that could be authentic and be transparent enough to deliver on a vision – Place African Digital Artists on the world map with a strong and lasting presence.

The Solution: Develop a platform to manage the whole process from creation to distribution and Social Media marketing to monitisation.
The solution is… Afreeka Radio Projects.
Note: Although many projects will be released over the coming months and years…
The Afreeka Radio Project Platform, is not due to be officially launched until 2025.

How can I apply or find out more about DASP?

  • To find out more about DASP – Digital Artist Share Programme (BETA)
    Search and “Follow” @afreekaradio on Facebook and on Instagram Business pages…   https://www.facebook.com/afreekaradio
  • To sign-up visit https://www.afreekaradio.com (select a Project)

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